Terms and conditions:

  • If the class has to be stopped midway due to unforeseen circumstances, land-drill exercise, safety theory or Q&A session may be conducted in place of the usual practical lessons. CWM-Fitness may also offset some of the lost time in the subsequent lesson, keeping in mind that CWM-Fitness will not bear the full risk of erratic weather, and is not liable to make up in full any lesson time that is disrupted by these unforeseen circumstances.
  • Lost time due to the student’s late coming will not be compensated or replaced. If the lost time is due to the closure of the venue of the lesson (bad weather, SEA Games, private event, etc), please discuss with CWM-Fitness for best arrangement (change location or reschedule lesson).
  • The student needs to inform CWM-Fitness if lesson has to be cancelled due to sickness or last minute emergencies (at least 2 hours before scheduled lesson time). If a cancellation is made at the last minute, the student may not be entitled to a make up lesson, and the lesson will be charged/counted to the lesson package.
  • Lessons that have to be postponed due to holidays/business trips will not be charged/counted to the lesson package as long as CWM-Fitness is informed of these plans in advance.
  • On the first lesson, students are required to make term payment in full via bank transfer or in cash.
  • There is strictly no refund once lessons commenced & the term payment has been made.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to understand the refund policy before registering any lessons with CWM-Fitness
  • Fees are not transferable to any third parties.
  • I am a personal trainer and certified with the relevant certificates of the respective field. The common certificates for the sports in brief, but not limited to the following:

       Personal Training: ISSA, CPR

  • Should you require to verify CWM-Fitness certification, feel free to inform me. I will either send you a   screenshot via Whatsapp or email, please also note you can find same proof on the webpage.
  • Students are required to pay the deposit for their condominium facilities, entrance charges or gym charges for CWM-Fitness. Any booking fees are borne by the student.
  • As different condo management have their own set of policy for lessons conducted at their premises, students are encouraged to check with the condo management before engaging a private sports instructor to conduct lessons at their condo
  • CWM-Fitness will not be held responsible for any claims arising out of any injury, damage or loss of life while attending this course and this includes all cost, and expenses incurred as a result of such claims.
  • CWM-Fitness will not be held responsible for any damages caused on your property or facilities provided by your condo/your home as a result of CWM-Fitness or your use.
  • CWM-Fitness do not ask you for personal information unless truly needed and relevant.
  • CWM-Fitness do not share your personal information with anyone unless to comply with the law, develop our services, or protect our rights.
  • By furnishing CWM-Fitness with your contact information, you agree to be contacted by CWM-Fitness even if you are registered in the Do Not Call(DNC) Registry.
  • CWM-Fitness reserves the right to alter terms and conditions without prior notice.