About Me

My name is Charlotte Westrup Milner and i´m a 30 year old woman.
I´m born in Denmark and for the past 3 1/2 years been living in Singapore.

It’s my vision to help clients gaining a better lifestyle through a fun and inspiring training, and let it become an integrated part of your life.

I´m an enthusiastic certified personal trainer, who promotes a healthy lifestyle and wish to help my clients to stay motivated and inspire them for a healthier living and lifestyle. As your personal trainer I will make sure to keep you motivated and on track so you can reach your goal. I will make sure to push you through the tough times and motivate you on those rainy days. I will adjust your workouts and meal plans along the way, to maintain your motivation but also to inspire you for are more fun and fit lifestyle.

I used to play golf at an elite level and for many years had golf pro´s, personal fitness trainers and nutritionists as a part of my life.

In my previous jobs I have always made sure to keep fitness as a part of my daily routines. I realized how fitness can release stress, and become a free space, where energy can be restored, and thereby I have experienced how fitness can make you a better version of yourself.

About CWM fitness

The name CWM-Fitness, is first of all my initials, but in this case also stands for Cardio, Weights and Muscle. There are so many different ways to get in better shape, it´s important to find out the exact kind of workouts that suits your lifestyle and temper in order to keep you motivated and stay on track for a healthier you.

The world of sport and fitness has always been appealing to me. Pursuing to become faster, better and stronger in sport and fitness correlates with many aspects of our working and everyday lives.

Working out and eating healthy should not be a punishment, but something you enjoy. It´s all about finding the right kind of training methods and healthier eating habits that suits your lifestyle, for you to be able to implement these things into a lifestyle and not just a “quick fix diet”.

I believe a workout should be your free space, where you can get your mind away from a stressful everyday life and re-charge your body with energy and endorphins.